Additional Cleaning Projects

While there are many homeowners who prefer to clean their houses themselves, there are certain maid cleaning tasks which may prove to be a challenge for them. Unfortunately, majority of cleaning companies will not take on these small jobs. Not so with Hefty Maids! If you find yourself daunted by a specific task, then we are the right company for you.Cleaning Services, Maid, Office Cleaning

Our maid crew are specially trained to accomplish any cleaning job, no matter how tough it is. Haven’t cleaned out your refrigerator or oven in months so that you now see molds growing on the walls and foul odors are emanating from it? Let us help you clean your kitchen appliances of grease, crumbs, molds and other food which may become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

Not sure how you can climb up to your ceiling to clean your light fixtures or your intricate chandelier? Hefty Maids will dust them off and polish them with extra care, so that you won’t have to worry about breakages or missing parts. Whether you have a marble or wood parquet floor, our cleaning methods are gentle and meticulous so you won’t see any scratches.

 Additional Cleaning Projects:

  • Deep Cleaning Service
  • Change Linens
  • Laundry and Folding
  • Clean Oven
  • Clean Stove (inside/outside)
  • Clean Grill
  • Clean Refrigerator (inside/outside)
  • Clean Kitchen Cabinet
  • Clean Walls
  • Clean Mirrored Walls
  • Clean Garage
  • Sweep Porch
  • Clean Fireplace
  • Vacuum Mattresses
  • Vacuum Draperies
  • Clean Wood Paneling
  • Clean Windows (inside)
  • Clean Window Screens
  • Clean Window Tracks
  • Clean Gutters
  • Car Cleaning


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